5 Foods that almost never go bad

We don’t know about chicken soup for the soul but we sure can help you put the ‘convenient’ in a convenience store! With deadlines due and things to do, grocery shopping can be the most frustrating and least important chore on your to-do-lists.

But you cannot come home after a long, tiring day and have nothing to eat! So we have put together your next grocery shopping list, to include 5 things that you can stock up without worrying about eating  rancid food!

  1. White rice

This easy to cook staple, luckily for us, never expires! White grain rice, along with being easy to store, has a high nutritional value and is the best source of carbohydrates. Between brown and white rice, contrary to popular belief, white rice is actually the healthier option. So bulk white rice storage might be the best thing for you right now!

  1. Forever Honey

Ever wonder why Pooh always had a pot of honey? Aside from being a healthy sweetener, there are plenty of benefits of honey. It boosts your energy and is rich in vitamins and minerals. Most importantly, its antioxidant properties mean that honey can do shelving and goes well paired with just about anything! While you can’t carry around your own pot of it, honey twigs are an easy and effective way to kiss hunger goodbye!

  1. Homemade Ghee

If you’re anything like us, no dish is ever complete without homemade ghee or our special desi ghee! Whether it is parathas or breads, add a bit of this Indian ghee in place of butter for a healthier meal without the hassle of worrying about expiry!

  1. Instant coffee

You’re burning the midnight oil to meet a deadline the next day. You tape your eyes to your forehead but only a cup (or 10) of coffee can fix this. You walk into your kitchen to get a cup coffee but wait. Instead, you don’t have any! Never run out on coffee; whether you like your coffee hot or cold, black or mild, stack up instant coffee packets or an instant coffee mix as this essential, kitchen-must-have never goes bad!

  1. Maple syrup

Pure maple syrup is the best companion to any food, be it pancakes or yogurt, or any vegetable or bacon, or as just a healthier substitute to sugar! You can make maple candy or whip maple cream. Just make sure that this ingredient is always present in your kitchen, as natural maple syrup has an indefinite shelve life! Time to get creative with your recipes!


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