“Everything is honey and that’s quite alright with me!”


Ah, if only all of us loved honey as much as Winnie, the Pooh! As a matter of fact, we have got all the more reasons than him to fall in love with honey.

Pooh was a visionary who sang the famous ‘Everything is Honey’ song. Confused on how he was a visionary? Let us take a few lines from the song and explain how honey is of utmost importance in our life.

“Let the honey flow inside”

Honey is known to be great for your face and hair. It works great as a cleanser and exfoliator and adds shine to your hair.

“Eat and eat then repeat”

Honey can be used to make several lip-smacking items like, this and more. Also, honey is better than sugar on any given day. So just don’t hold back.

“Oh, what a sight, oh, what a dream”

Eating honey right before you go to bed will ensure that you have your beauty sleep. If you make this a habit, it would also help if you want to lose some weight.


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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SwWL5xCzhM

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