Hello Honey Bee!

The spring season is in full swing! In this season, the beauty of nature becomes more picturesque with blooming flowers and honeybees pollinating them.

Our tiny little friends work throughout the year. During the winters, the worker bees huddle in the hive to keep their colony warm as they wait for the spring season. The queen bee starts laying eggs sometime in February and March which is when the bees come out from their hive to start pollinating.

Here are some fun facts about our beloved Honeybee:

  • They have been giving us honey for over 20 million years now
  • To make a pound of honey, they have to fly 55,000+ miles and pollinate approx. two million flowers
  • 50 – 60,000 honeybees live together in one colony
  • There are three different types of bees:
    • Queen – There’s only one queen bee in a hive and she only lays eggs.
    • Drones –The males in the hive, they only mate with the queen. They cannot protect their community because they don’t have a stinger.
    • Workers –The majority in a hive, worker bees are only female who do all the tasks like foraging, feeding the queen, cleaning, repairing and protecting the hive, caring for the new bees, etc.
  • A honeybee strokes its wings 11,400 times every minute
  • They can fly 15 miles an hour when they are foraging in the field
  • Each bee visits 50 – 100 flowers in a day from sunrise till sunset
  • They only sting when they are threatened
  • The lifetime of the worker bees is only 45 days during the warmer months
  • In her lifetime, a worker honeybee makes only one-twelfth of a tbsp. of honey

So that was the very laborious busy bee for you.



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