#HiHoneyByeSugar Challenge

screen-shot-2016-02-20-at-3-58-08-pmAt Honey Twigs, we’ve always been committed to living a healthy life, and with Hi Honey, Bye Sugar Challenge we’re doing exactly that. In this campaign, we’re asking 7 challengers to give up refined sugar for 14 days. Yep, that means almost all sweet stuff are off the table. But, there’s a catch – you replace it with honey. Or to be precise – one box of Honey Twigs containing 30 single-serving Twigs.

The objective is simple. Replacing refined sugar with natural sweeteners have proven to reduce the calorific intake, because 1 tbsp. of honey has higher Sucrose count than 1 tbsp. of sugar. So chances are, you’ll use lesser than a tbsp. Additionally, honey has a healthier Glycemic Index, which means slower absorption of sugar into the blood, thus easing digestion and metabolism.

Most importantly, essential nutrients that are killed off during the refinement of sugar (thus the name – empty calories) are still intact when you consume honey. So if you’re eating something, might as well go for something more nutritious, no?

And hence we are initiating a 14-day campaign titled #HiHoneyByeSugar from 24nd February – 8th March. Seven people from different walks of life will give up refined sugar and replace it a box of Honey Twigs. They’ll experience that if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. And so, they’ll say – #HiHoneyByeSugar.


Did you just see this now and still wish to take the challenge? Well, we were expecting you so we created a challenge timetable for you to use to start your own challenge anytime, anywhere. Just one pre-requisite – buy yourself a box of Honey Twigs. It’s the healthiest investment you’ll make.

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The #HiHoneyByeSugar Timetable
The #HiHoneyByeSugar Timetable

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