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Absolutely Not! Honey crystallization is a completely natural process that happens due to higher glucose levels compared to fructose. For the honey to return to it’s natural state just dip the container in WARM (not hot) water or put it out in sunlight and the honey will be runny again.


Yup. Honey is a rich source of carbohydrates and provides energy without building heat in the body. Like glucose, honey is ideal for summer season.

Honey should not be fed to children below the age of 1 year. This may lead to condition called INFANT BOTULISM. It is an illness that can happen when a baby ingests bacteria that produces a toxin inside the body.

Honey behaves the best at room temperature and should never be refrigerated.

Expect your box of Honey goodness in the next 10 days. We usually ship in 2-3 business days.

Currently we only deliver in India. However stay tuned, we’ll launch international shipping as well!

We source our honey from Punjab and Himanchal which is then batch tested.
All our Honey complies with FSSAI.

Nope. Our goal is to encourage honey lovers to enjoy it on the go and not restrict consuming honey just at home!

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