Health & Safety


Honey Twigs’ packaging and processing unit maintains the highest quality standards by ensuring best practices are incorporated in every step.

Highest Quality Honey
Sourced straight from Himachal and Punjab, our honey is pure, natural and completely anti-biotic free.

FSSAI Approved
Apart from our own health and safety measure, we are also FSSAI approved, ensuring that we are also compliant with the quality checks of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

100% Antibiotic Free Honey
We run multiple tests to ensure the Honey we sell is 100% Antibiotic Free Natural Honey. It’s stored in clean hygienic conditions and packed with utmost care to ensure the honey you eat comes without any compromise.

Clean Storage Facilities
The honey is stored in clean, sterilized environment and is handled with utmost care wearing hand gloves/face masks and caps. Our team is working relentlessly to ensure quality right from the packaging stage to the final shipment of your product.


  • Children below the age of one year should not be fed honey.
  • Honey tends to crystallise, especially in cool temperatures. Place the twig in warm water or in sunlight to return it it’s normal state.
  • Honey is best stored in room temperature. Please do not refrigerate.
  • Please consume within 18 months from packaging. (Packaging date mentioned on the pack)

Customer Care
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